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All About Canny Ellen Jewellery

My name's Chris, and I love making wee pieces of art in silver jewellery form. I hope you will find something that takes your fancy - here's a little bit more about my journey so far.

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Man with back to camera in silhouette on beach, looking out to sea.  Clear sky with a crescent of clouds lit by bright full moon at top of picture

Silver Jewellery inspired by Scotland

I discovered jewellery making late in life after always being artistic and creative, but never finding  'my thing'.  I always found it too difficult to translate my ideas into paintings. I love to write, but am too impatient with myself, constantly creating parts of fictional arcs.  

In June 2023, I attended a two-day silver ring making course at the Central Scotland School of Jewellery in Dunblane, which was a magical moment.  The processes and methods felt a lot more natural to me compared to painting and, while more expensive than writing, a lot more satisfying to create silver pieces with my own hallmark.  The routine of measuring, cutting, filing, soldering, pickling and buffing is the closest I have come to a 'flow state'.  Days are easily lost to making pieces. 

Inspiration is not in short supply in Highland Perthshire, living on the banks of the 'Silvery Tay', but I love to travel, and I am producing rings based on working in Manila, the Filipino culture and the ring of fire.

Quality, unique pieces of jewellery is what I strive to create, and even mistakes form interesting blobs that get turned into different pieces - it's exciting to see what might emerge.  Everything is made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver with fine silver bezels, assayed in Edinburgh with my own sponsor mark.

I also create new, upcycled costume jewellery and seaglass pendants with copper wire to ensure there is something available for every budget - I hate seeing jewellery go to waste, and it makes sure there is some bling for every budget.

Photograph: @drawingstuff8519


Why 'Canny Ellen'?

When I was thinking of a name for my business, it was a daunting prospect.  There are so many silver based shop names out there already!  Before I could talk myself into delaying the set-up, a conversation with my parents reminded me of my 'fearsome' Great Granny Ellen. 

Having survived revolution, tragedy and family strife, she was a born survivor.  Adaptable, fierce and single-minded.  A bit mythical and not averse to bending the rules or ignoring them.   She was the kind of person we all wish we could be a bit more like, and I like to think I have inherited some of her passion.

Canny as a Scots word can mean skilful, knowledgeable, good to have around or other-worldly.  Though my great granny Ellen was not from Scotland, I think she would approve of the description.

Welcome to my jewellery created in this spirit.

White sea glass pendant on wax cord worn by customer. The pendant is resting on the body of a blue ink dragonfly tatoo on their chest.
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