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Type-B notice of what hallmarks to expect on precious metal jewellery that has been to an assay office for verification.

Precious metal jewellery should be hallmarked so you know what you are buying is what it says it is.  All Sterling and Fine silver jewellery created by Canny Ellen is sent to the Edinburgh Assay office for marking. 

Adding hallmarks is required on pieces weighing over 7oz, but I like to get anything created stamped - if you want to sell on the jewellery in the future, you want to sell it as silver and not just 'white metal'.

Hallmarking can add a couple of weeks to item delivery time, depending on how busy the Assay office is and whether I have items in stock already.  Precious metal jewellery created for Canny Ellen will carry full marks with the maker mark COS in the domino stamp shape. 

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